Ana international has been operating for the past 30 years. We have been catering various segments in the hygiene division, moulding and metalizing division and film converting division. Our hygiene division is in place since 2011. Initially ANA international was only catering the Business to Business segment but now we are catering the consumer market as well. Ana international is owned and controlled by the Batla Group.


Provide Quality daily care products at affordable prices for the mass


To be the market leader in Hygiene product industry


Hygiene Division

Manufacturing “NANA“ and “BONAPAPA” brands baby diapers since 2011.

Moulding and metalizing Division

Injection moulding of plastics and high vacuum metalizing batch systems since 1982.

Film converting Division

Manufacturer of Precision cut polyester glitters for textiles, plastic and decoration purpose, from in-house High vacuum metalizing on leybold German plant and epoxy coating. laminations of all kinds of films since 2000.

Research & Development

ANA International is rigorously involved in continuous innovation and development for the betterment of its products. We use Super Absorbent Polymer Technology that aids our products to absorb and retain extremely huge amounts of liquids, relative to their mass. Water molecules are drawn into the network across a diffusion gradient- formed by sodium neutralization of the polymer backbone. The polymer chains are cross linked that prevents it from straightening, holding the liquid inside. Thus the particles expand as more and more water is absorbed by the polymer network. Our Super Absorbent Polymer is of German and Japanese standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ANA International holds strong and firm values for the enhancement of socio-economic conditions of the society, city and the country as a whole. We strive to contribute towards the improving the living conditions of the under-privileged through various campaigns and activities that are targeted at refining healthcare of the masses. ANA International’s Hospital Education Program is held every year at the Zaiuddin Hospital, Karachi that aims to enlighten doctors regarding the health benefits and recent developments of our products, and how they can ease the problems of their patients.